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New Marketer Masterclass Check lists.

The Perfect list and easy to follow How to start an affiliate Marketing Business form day one with a built in 90 day Plan of action.

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Checklist 1 – Website & Domain Setup Checklist

Welcome to the first checklist of the Newbie Marketer series. Before purchasing the domain please ensure everything in this checklist is covered. 


Branding your business correctly from the start is much better than consistent changes and catching up on unbranded pages and social media sites. Use this checklist to get all the information, graphics and descriptions you need in one place.


Inside your domain control panel (cPanel) search for WordPress. It’s possible you’ll find it under Softalocious if you don’t see WordPress.

Landing Pages

Setting up a landing page with Optimize Press 2

Retargeting Setup

Retargeting Setup For Facebook Ads

Affiliate Network Setup Checklist

Create & Activate Your Accounts on the Top Affiliate Networks

Advertising Accounts Checklist

Advertising Accounts Checklist

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Email Marketing

Setting up an Email system for your Business

Content Creation

Our content creation checklist can be used for anything from Facebook Posts, Videos Or Live Feeds. It can be used for blog posts or YouTube video. It could even be used for creating micro reports that you could sell.


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Indoctrination Email Series

The indoctrination series, in this case, is to inform the clients about your brand, about what you can to offer then, what’s to come in future emails and most importantly to build trust with the new prospect.


Get 5001 Emails Today

Get 5001 of the Best emails ever written for affiliate marketers.

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Social Media & Tracking

stage 2 

Social Media

 Social Media Setup Checklist

Video Hosting Setup

Video Hosting Setup Checklist

Tracking Set up

 Tracking Setup Checklist

Messenger Chat Checklist

Messenger Chat Checklist

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DAILY CHECKS & Marketing plan


Daily Worksheet Checklist

31 Day Worksheet Checklist

Marketing Plan Checklist

Marketing Plan Checklist

90 Day Guaranteed Success Plan

90 Day Guaranteed Success Plan

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1 Lesson

High Ticket Offers

You should always have that one high ticket offer that yo can offer your list,

Always use a bridge page when sent traffic to a high ticket offer.